Vocabulary Specialization Studies

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Projects earn 0.3. 0.5, or 1.0 Professional Studies RID CEUs per project (or equivalent clock hours certificate).  ($40-$110)

These projects are for the written study of specialized vocabulary to improve the foundation of an interpreter's voicing skills, terminology recognition, and accurate ASL interpretation.  RID CEUs are overseen & administered by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.   


Project topic choices from drop down menu include:

  • L1 Vocabulary Builder for Better Voice Interpreting - Part 1 & Part 2: 1.0 RID Professional Studies CEUs each. Good voice interpreters have a large vocabulary of English terminology to chose from to best match their clients in any situation.  In this course, you will expand your "toolbox" of words needed for good voicing skills.  Participants need to purchase the book "Merriam Webster's Vocabulary Builder" independently (available inexpensively at any bookseller, or the public library) and work through weekly workbook-style lessons to build vocabulary over 12 units with some short exercises in translation along the way. You return written work to show your learning. $110
  • L1 Vocabulary Builder for Better Voice Interpreting - Short Form: 0.5 RID Professional Studies CEUs.  This is the same course as above, but only 1/2 the work (6 units), to earn 0.5 CEUs.  You can choose any 6 units from the book for this project - and you can do multiple projects by choosing a different set of 6 units. $60
  • NEW: "30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary" 1.0 RID Professional Studies CEUs.  This book continues our emphasis that effective interpreters wield the English lexicon with master-level precision and variety.  Participants independently purchase the classic soft-cover book "30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary" by Dr Wilfred Funk & Norman Lewis (available inexpensively at any bookseller) and work through daily workbook-style lessons to strengthen their understanding of over 200 English words, with some exercises in translation along the way. Written work is sent in upon completion for credit. $110
  • Latin Medical Terminology for Interpreters Courses: 1.0 RID Professional Studies CEUs.  Medical interpreters must understand latin-based medical terminology in order to properly interpret in medical settings.  In this course, you are provided with the workbook that walks you through 12 Chapters of the latin terminology of medicine (you do not need to purchase any other book/text).  You complete 2-page unit tests at the end of each chapter and send in your answers for credit. $110
  • Medical Terminology Interpreting Practice P2:  1.0 RID Professional Studies CEUs.  Latin Medical Terminology for Interpreters is a pre-requisite to register for this project.  Participants study medical vocabulary and concepts in ASL and choose words from the previous latin medical terminology project to interpret into a recorded video to show the RID sponsor.  A link or hard copy of this video is the end product of your work.  Any video format can be used. $110
  • NEW!  RX Learning for Medical Interpreters:  1.0 RID Professional Studies CEUs.  Participants study the top 100 most prescribed medications (generic & brand names) in the U.S., learn about their indications, and visual descriptions to best serve Deaf patients in the medical arena. $110
  • Legal interpreting/terminology for ASL Interpreters: 0.3 RID Professional Studies CEUs:  Understand legal terms is the foundation of interpreting in legal settings.  This program allows you to use any legal dictionary of your choice (purchased or obtained on your own), to customize your project to fit the words you need to learn for your current work.  You choose the legal words to define and learn concept for in ASL and build a larger vocabulary skill set in both English & ASL.  (*can do this project multiple times to build a larger & larger vocabulary: Part 1, 2, 3, etc..) $40


- The English Vocabulary Study project requires that you purchase and use "Merriam Webster’s Vocabulary Builder" (available on-line and at local booksellers or libraries).

- 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary project requires that you purchase and use "30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary" by Dr Wilfred Funk & Norman Lewis. (available on-line and at local booksellers or libraries).

- For the Medical Terminology Course, the 300-page Medical Terminology Manual is emailed to you as a PDF to print and write in, but you are also provided the name of the text to purchase on-line if you prefer a spiral bound formal workbook.

- RX Learning is all on-line resources given in the project instructions - free open source access.  No additional materials are needed.

- The Legal Terminology Program: participants are welcome to use any legal dictionary they prefer or have access to

Please feel free to email us anytime to ask for curriculum specifics on any project, or sample questions/materials. We want you to feel comfortable with what you are registering for.