Workshop Sponsorship

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If you are planning a workshop or event that needs RID CEU processing for participants (and presenters), get started by putting this in your cart to get the paperwork to begin the RID approval process with approved RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.

RID requires that all information be pre-approved and advertised on the RID national website 30 days before the event begins, so it is suggested that you begin this process a minimum of 45 days before your event.  You will need to show workshop content (slides, handouts), and have presenter bios, etc.  It is best to have all this content ready for perusal when you apply for sponsorship to expedite the approval process.  

Please email Ginevra Deianni, RID Sponsor, to start this process (  We will guide you through the process for RID approval and instruct you when to pay for the credits.