Why aren't the books and films included in the program price?

iCEU Central must adhere to copyright laws for all the intellectual property that inspires our curriculum.  The price of our programs include: the curriculum and RID CEUs processing fees. The books and films need to be obtained by the participants independently for us to stay within these legal guidelines.  (The only exception to this is open source materials like the Medical Terminology Workbook that is provided upon registration.)  

Most films can be found on YouTube, Amazon Video, Netflix, Vimeo, iTunes, or Hulu We always indicate where a film is available in the current year next to the title at registration.  (Please note: Free Open source films found on YouTube aren't guaranteed to have quality captions.)

All novels & texts can be purchased at your favorite on-line bookseller -- new or used -- or we encourage you to check in to your local library system too, where they often can be found and checked out for free.