About us

iCEU Central is committed to offering quick, accurate and quality processing of professional continuing education projects and accredited clock hours for professional interpreters of both ASL and spoken languages. We offer RID CEUs through individual RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni. Ginevra Deianni individually works with RID Certified interpreters, offers and creates programming for both individual study and group settings, and gives credit in the RID, BEI and individual state certification systems in the US and abroad. 

Our mission is to offer a wide range of home-based, self-paced projects to strengthen the diversity of an interpreter's annual continuing education portfolio.  We strive to create an inclusive, emotionally & professionally safe environment in all our program formats for participants to explore sensitive cultural themes and nurture deep respect for others lived experiences, trauma triggers, and subsequent perspectives.  We do not tolerate discrimination, polarized and harmful thinking, marginalization, behavior that is unkind or disrespectful of anyone’s lived experience or opinions, and any wielding of power and privilege (micro or macro) that perpetuates the systemic impacts of trauma and subjugation.  We encourage all participants to be vulnerable and brave and look inward to recognize how each of us benefits from these different power systems and be emboldened to dismantle them in their own way, creating a culture of inclusion and equity for all.

Feel free to engage with Ginevra, RID CMP Sponsor, anytime for assistance.  She can help you with general RID or CEU questions, problems, end-of-cycle-emergencies, and special projects of interest. 

if you need any accommodations or customized assistance to engage with any of the course offerings, please contact: manager@iceucentral.com, or call:  301-244-8092.  ASL or English.