Spoken Vocabulary & Voicing Skills

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These projects focus on taking your voicing to the next level by working from the ground up.  The projects here focus on both English development and ASL "translation" examination.  

All projects are self-paced, study from home. RID CEUs are overseen & administered by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.  

See below for the different projects available, their cost and CEU offering:

English Vocabulary Studies for Interpreters:

By focusing on expanding our range of English vocabulary, we can directly impact how other hearing people view Deaf professionals for whom we voice.  Having a larger English vernacular means we can match more settings and educational backgrounds seamlessly to deliver an accurate message on behalf of our clients.  Each of these projects are 1.2 RID CEUs in Professional Studies for $110.  

What is it?: Participants purchase the required text book in each project and use it as their workbook source material.  Additional activities are given to put the vocabulary words into the context of ASL interpretation work, but the primary focus of the projects is vocabulary comprehension and expansion.

  • Vocabulary Builder for Better Voice Interpreting - Part 1 & Part 2: 1.2 RID Professional Studies CEUs each. Good voice interpreters have a large vocabulary of English terminology to chose from to best match their clients in any situation.  In these projects, you will expand your toolbox of words needed for good voicing skills.  Participants need to purchase the book "Merriam Webster's Vocabulary Builder" independently. (Newest Edition - available at any bookseller) and work through weekly workbook-style lessons to build vocabulary over 12 units with some short exercises in translation along the way. You return written work to show your learnings. 1.2 Professional Studies CEUs for each part, $110.  Do this entire book for 3.0 CEUs by buying Part 1, 2 & 3!
  • Vocabulary Builder for Better Voice Interpreting - Part 3, and/or Short Form: 0.6 RID Professional Studies CEUs.  This is the same course as above, but only 1/2 the work (6 units), to earn 0.6 CEUs.  You can choose any 6 units from the book for this project - or use it to finish up the entire text and earn the full 3.0 CEUs from the single book purchase.  0.6 RID Professional Studies CEUs. $60
  • "30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary" 1.2 RID Professional Studies CEUs.  This small workbook (titled "30 Days to A More Powerful Vocabulary") promotes better voice interpreting work by nurturing and expanding an interpreter's English lexicon.  Participants independently purchase the classic soft-cover book "30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary" by Dr Wilfred Funk & Norman Lewis (available at any bookseller) and work through daily workbook-style lessons to strengthen their understanding of over 200 English words, with some exercises in translation along the way. Written work is sent in upon completion for credit. 1.2 Professional Studies CEUs, $110


- The English Vocabulary Study project requires that you purchase and use "Merriam Webster’s Vocabulary Builder" (available on-line and at local booksellers or libraries).

- 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary project requires that you purchase and use "30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary" by Dr Wilfred Funk & Norman Lewis. (available on-line and at local booksellers or libraries).

Voice Interpretation Skill Building:

The process of examining the words that come out of our mouth during a voice interpretation is a powerful tool for refinement of this skill.  Listening to ourselves representing our Deaf clients and then putting those words on paper for self-scrutiny and reflection can elevate our voicing skills to better represent the messages we deliver.  

What is it?: Participants choose from a list of videos provided by iCEU Central's on-line library collection (link provided to video choices).  Once you chose the videos you want to work with, then you audio record your voice interpretation, transcribe it to text, and analyze your work for register, tone, and accuracy. Only written work is sent back for project completion - audio recordings are you private property to keep.  No book purchases required - all videos are free, on-line.  There is no specific time you must log in.  You work at your own pace independently from home. 

There are three choices for project length/CEU earning:

  1. Voice Interpreting Skill Building: Short Takes (0.5 CEUs), $50: These are short videos 5-15 mins in length. 
  2. Voice Interpreting Skill Building: Talks & Stories (0.75 CEUs), $70: These are topic talks and stories 15-30 mins in length
  3. Voice Interpreting Skill Building: Extended Lectures (1.0 CEUs) $95: These are lectures and workshops 45-60 minutes in length


Please feel free to email us anytime to ask for curriculum specifics on any project, or sample questions/materials. We want you to feel comfortable with what you are registering for.