Academic Coursework CEUs

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This is RID credit for completing a course at an accredited college or university for a grade.  RID CEUs are overseen & administered by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni. 

Pre-approval is not required.  

You will need: course description, syllabus, and final grade report.  All classes must be taken at an accredited university to earn this type of credit.  (If not, ask us about earning the credit via PINRA).  Each course is approved separately as its own project.  $90 per course CEU oversight and processing fee.

How do I get started?

1) If you want to be sure your class will earn you the proper credit, email us anytime to discuss your specific class (

2) Pay for one of these projects (per class), and you will then be sent the RID forms and document list needed to process CEUs for your class(es).