Cultural Film Projects

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 Each film earns participants 0.25 RID Professional Studies CEUs awarded upon completion (or equivalent clock hours certificate).   $32 each.

Choose from the list of approved films to explore cultures and topics relevant to the complex and diverse cultural identities of the clients we serve in the Deaf community. (The film rental/purchase is not included in the project per copyright law).  It's easy:  Register, Watch, Answer, and Submit!

How does it work?  In this selection of projects, participants chose from the documentary films list to learn about the complexity of cultural-identity, life experiences, and other socio-economic factors that impact Deaf clients with whom we work. After registration is submitted, you will be sent the project description and post-film questions via email.  Participants then rent/obtain the film themselves (streaming locations listed next to titles below). After watching the film on your own time, you will answer approximately 12 short-answer questions about the cultural, ethical, linguistic themes presented in the documentary and their relevance/parallels to our interpreting work.  Send you work into Ginevra DeIanni, RID CMP Sponsor, as directed in the project instructions, and earn your CEUs.  Sometimes there are supplemental videos and/or articles to deepen your understanding of the issues and address measurable learning objectives specific to each film.  All films are available at on-line venues to be obtained by the participant (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube...) or at local libraries for free DVD rental.  All RID CEUs are overseen & administered by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.  All projects are copyrighted by iCEU Central, LLC

Please feel free to email us anytime to ask for curriculum specifics on any project, or sample questions/materials.


(see 'FILM CHOICES' drop down menu at top of page)

  • 13TH (Netflix/YouTube): This documentary examines American cultural beliefs of race and how laws and behaviors have encouraged oppression and criminal stereotyping that have had catastrophic effects on African-Americans. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Adventures in English Trilogy Parts 1, 4 & 5 (YouTube): This trilogy of linguistic research documentaries teaches viewers the roots of modern English language, its roots and spread around the globe, and lastly its transition to American English that we speak  now in the US, offering a better understanding of our modern lexicon. (these videos are currently not captioned) ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • Amish: A Secret Life (YouTube/Daily Motion):  This film peeks into the lives of the Old Order Amish culture of Pennsylvania: their values, culture, practices and personal struggles. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • Andrew Jenks, Room 335 (iTunes):  This film shows life from the inside of an assisted living facility in Flordia through the eyes of a 19-year old man, Andrew Jenks.  His insights are valuable for any interpreters working in these facilities and with senior Deaf populations. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • The Anonymous People (Amazon/Vimeo):  This film guides viewers through the history of the Addiction movement and explores the stigma of those in the recovery community. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • Becoming Helen Keller (American Masters on PBS: Season 35, Ep: 10): Dive into the true story behind Helen Keller with Deaf and Deaf-Blind perspectives on her complicated life story.  ($32, 0.25, PS)
  • Behind Closed Doors (YouTube): In this film we seek to understand Domestic Violence for the purposes of better serving our clients in this situation.  The cycle of abuse, the victims fears of reporting, their reluctance to prosecute, and propensity to return to the relationship are explained by domestic violence experts in the UK. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs) 
  • NEW: Being Mortal-Facing Death (YouTube): Examine the conversations we interpret in these difficult moments for both physicians and patients for a deeper understanding of how to navigate medical interpreting.  ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs) 
  • Best & Most Beautiful Things (Amazon): This documentary dives into the cultural of the Blind through a precious young American woman. Examine parallels to the Deaf experience and see a broader system of oppression toward all disability communities. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Black in Japan (YouTube):  This film examines what it means to be black and African American in Japanese culture: facing stereotypes and a look at their own cultural identity, as both black and American, in the face of being celebrated and 'othered'. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • British-US Comparison (YouTube):  This series of short films compares British & US language, community and culture while watching four families trade communities and learn valuable cross-cultural lessons. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • The Celluloid Closet (Amazon):  This film examines how Hollywood has chosen to show LGBTQ characters in films throughout the last century, the affects these depictions have had on societal stigma, an the actors & advocates who have fought for change in the industry. (0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Cobra Gypsies (YouTube):  This film offers a rare view from inside the Cobra Gypsy world in India:  their culture, beliefs and practices. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Crip Camp (Netflix):  This film looks at America's view of the disabled starting in the 1970s and the protests that led to passing Section 504 & the ADA. (0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • A Dangerous Idea (Amazon)This film describes how the theory of eugenics has been used to oppress people of color, women, people with disabilities and the poor for a century in the US. (0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Deaf Parent Trilogy (YouTube):  These three mini-documentaries shine the camera on Deaf parents in New Zealand and Australia as they talk about raising their children in a hearing world and what it means to be a CODA. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • NEW: Descendant (Netflix):  This film describes the story of the Clotilda, the last ship to bring enslaved Africans to the US for the slave trade, and their descendants who settled in Africatown and continue to endure racism and oppression across all areas of life, surrounded by the history of oppression that brought their families there a century ago.  ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • NEW:Deinstitutionalization in the 1970s (YouTube):  This duet of documentaries "The Shadows of Fairview" and "Unforgotten" looks at the deinstitutionalization and the disability rights movement from the 1970s, examining how Deaf schools thrived while state hospitals became places of despair and neglect. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Diffability Hollywood (Amazon):  This film looks at the representations of People with Disabilities in Hollywood since the 1920s and examines the damage and advocacy done by them. ( 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Disclosure (Netflix):  Examine depictions of trans people in film and media to understand the discrimination, oppression, marginalization and damage proliferated in society, and the current movement of the trans community to own their stories.  ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • (Dis)Honesty: The Truth about Lies (YouTube): This film is an ethics studies credit and examines how we perceive our own moral code and apply it to our work.  It shows research in human decision making and our tendencies to lie and overcome. *This project includes Ethics Study credit. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • Disturbing the Peace (Amazon): Gain a deeper understanding of the Israel-Palestinian cultural war through this intimate view through the eyes of elite Israeli soldiers & Palestinian fighters who agree to come together and commit to a different future. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • Documented (Amazon/YouTube): This film is about the current struggle of immigrants living in the US without legal papers. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Girl in the River (HBO/Amazon/Vimeo): This Academy Award winning film exposes Honor Killings and cultural views on love, gender, and family structure in Pakistan. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • A Good Day To Die (Amazon):  This breakout film looks at the rise of the Native American Civil Rights Movement in the 70s and brings heroes into the spotlight from tribes across the country. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Good Hair (Amazon, Hulu): Step into the cultural & business world of the African American hair industry.  This film examines the power & oppression of beauty standards as Chris Rock travels the globe to understand the cultural meaning and money behind this important practice. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • God Grew Tired of Us (Daily Motion: free): This film recounts the Sudanese Lost Boys genocide crisis and their journey and transition to American life. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Hawai'i: The Stolen Paradise (YouTube): This project explores the unlawful overthrow of the Native Hawai'ian government & the power and oppression exerted on Polynesian people to subjugate their culture. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Hillbilly (Hulu): This film looks at the stereotypes that fuel oppression of rural and poor people specifically in Appalachia. It dives into the rich culture of heart of these marginalized Americans. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Inside Islam: What A Billion Muslims Really Think (Amazon/YouTube): This documentary examines the largest global poll done about and with Muslims about their culture, beliefs, & experiences. (*Note*: this is not the History Channel show called "Inside Islam") ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Ishaare Gesture Sign in Mumbai (YouTube): This film enters the Deaf world in Mumbai, India, showing how Indian hearing culture easily gestures and communicates with Indian Deaf and Deaf-Blind people in everyday life. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • NEW: If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast (Amazon):  This film explores ageism, stereotypes and how this impacts health & wellness of elderly clients with whom we work. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • NEW: Is There A Science Behind Human Kindness? (YouTube): This film examines the nature of human morality and how the brain can promote oppressive, discriminatory ideas, as well as acts of empathy and kindness. *This project includes Ethics Studies credit ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • It's a Girl (Amazon): This film is about how several cultures negatively view the female gender as unwelcome daughters. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Latino Americans (YouTube):  This film examines the immigrant experience and history in the past 50 years in America.  Videos of Deaf Latinx are supplemented (YouTube) for a wide range of perspectives. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • Life and Deaf (vs) Sound & Fury (YouTube): This project watches the Sound & Fury documentary and 2 other short films that discuss cochlear implants & the Deaf identity in the US and Great Britain. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Living on One Dollar (YouTube): College students travel to Guatemala to live amongst a small, poor village. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • The Mask You Live in (YouTube/Amazon):  This documentary examines the notion of masculinity in American culture and how the strict limitations on "Being a Man" impacts us all. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God (Amazon/YouTube): This film examines sexual abuse history at St Johns School for the Deaf in Wisconsin and the plight of Deaf victims for justice in the Catholic Church domestically and around the world. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Mountain Talk (YouTube):   This film describes the cultural and linguistic aspects of Appalachian English and the cultural community who call themselves 'Mountain People'.  Explore this fascinating language and make parallels to Deaf culture & ASL. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • Not A Boy, Not A Girl (Vimeo):  This film focuses on people who identify as gender nonbinary, the challenges they face, including oppression, accessibility, and identity issues. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Of Two Minds (Amazon): For mental health interpreters, this is a film about the complexity of bipolar disorder and how it may manifest in clients with whom we work.  ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • One Child Nation (Amazon):  This film explores China's 35-year One Child Policy and the cultural identity and oppression nested in its enforcement and consequences. (0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Oriented (YouTube/Amazon):  This film explores the identity of being Palestinian and Israeli in Tel Aviv within the gay community.  Issues of family traditions, gender bias, and behavioral mores are analyzed within Palestine. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Risky Drinking (YouTube & HBO): This documentary reviews the current medical diagnostics for alcohol use disorders through four stories, with a resource on Deaf addiction and treatment. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • Saudi Arabia Uncovered (YouTube/Netflix): A peek into Saudi Arabian culture, their connection to the US and how refugees who leave the strict cultural mores adapt to the Western world. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • See What I'm Saying (Amazon):  This films looks at the beauty, diversity and depth of Deaf talent, and the oppression and discrimination Deaf artists face to be seen in mainstream culture. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Soul Food Junkies (PBS Subscriber/Amazon) Go on a historical journey to learn more about the soul food tradition and its relevance to black cultural identity. Through candid interviews with soul food cooks, historians, scholars, doctors, and everyday people, this film examines economic injustice and oppression and the consequences to Black lives and communities. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • A Suitable Girl (Amazon): This film looks at Indian cultural views of marriage and what it means to find a life partner.  It follows several families in the matchmaking process that leads to a wedding. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs)
  • They Call it Maynmar (Amazon/YouTube):  This film explores Mayanmar/Burma culture.  The film serves as a platform to explore Deaf people in Burma and compare & contrast culture, oppression, and Deaf education in both countries. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Trans (Amazon):  This is a collection of stories of trans American youth and aging adults who come to terms with their identity with the help of professionals in the field. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • An Uncomfortable Truth (Amazon): This film looks at the history and timeline of racism in the US through the lens of a family who once owned slaves. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • NEW: The US-Dakota Conflict (YouTube): Learn about the misuse of power by the US government in the decimation of the Dakota nation in the Dakota War of Minnesota, how Native people are now fighting for the rights of their ancestors, and preserving their culture. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • White People (YouTube): This film dives into the topic of white privilege, speaking openly with Americans who reflect on the experiences that have formed their current views. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • Women of the Holy Kingdom (Amazon):  This film glimpses into life in Saudi Arabia for women and their cultural views of gender.  ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • We Were Here (Amazon):  Stories from the front line of the AIDS crisis in 1980s San Francisco, highlighting homophobia and the dangerous effects of oppression on the lives of the gay community. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)
  • The Worlds Worst Place to Be Disabled (YouTube): This film travels around the globe to explore cultural beliefs and societal treatments of those with disabilities. ($32, 0.25 PS CEUs + PPO)