Video Learning Series

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Video Learning for Interpreters!

NOTE: June 15% off PPO projects need to be purchased from the PPO CEU page to receive the discount.

Each of these projects exposes participants to videos from well known and respected open-source materials on the internet (ie: TedX, RIT, Gallaudet University, etc) on topics in Deaf culture, interpreting skills, and specialty topics to earn CEUs.  RID CEUs are overseen & administered by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni. 

What is it?: Participants watch videos from iCEU Central's library collection (link provided to videos), take notes, and write reflection essays on what they have learned. (For Music Interpreting Practice: Participants examine their own interpretations and assess grammar & classifier use.) No book purchases required - all videos are free, on-line.  There is no specific time you must log in.  You work at your own pace independently. (Any participant can return their reflections in video format using ASL instead of the written English documentation.)  

Chose from the following options in the drop-down menu.  (PPO Projects underlined)

  1. Audism & Ableism for Interpreters
  2. Black ASL for Interpreters
  3. Computer Technology Basics
  4. Cultural Diversity Studies  for Interpreters
  5. Deaf Culture for Interpreters
  6. Disability Studies  for Interpreters
  7. Educational Interpreting for Interpreters
  8. Gender, Power & Privilege  for Interpreters
  9. Interpreting Profession Topics
  10. LGBTQIA & Heteronormativity  for Interpreters
  11. Medical Interpreting for Interpreters
  12. Mental Health Interpreting for Interpreters
  13. Music Interpreting for Interpreters
  14. Professional Ethics for Interpreters
  15. Race & Privilege  for Interpreters
  16. Social Justice & Oppression  for Interpreters

Each projects earns 0.5 RID Professional Studies CEUs upon completion  

(Additional PPO-qualifying projects are underlined in the list)

Cost Each: $55 

 * Each of the above project topics can be done more than once. There are enough videos in iCEU Central's video library to do several of each category.  By choosing different videos for each project iteration, your CEUs will be posted to your RID transcript as separate projects.

Email us anytime to ask for curriculum specifics on any project, or sample questions/materials. We want you to feel comfortable with what you are registering for.