Legal Studies

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This collection is projects that earn 0.3 - 0.7 CEUs in the specialization category of Legal Interpreting.  For those with an SC:L through RID, legal specialization credits are posted on to your RID transcript with the Professional Studies CEUs.  Certificates with the Legal Studies category documented are given to anyone who requires it for state or other certifications.   RID CEUs are overseen & administered by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.

The current options are:

VIDEO LEARNING PROJECTS:  The project for Legal Interpreting in our Video Learning Series is the:  Legal Interpreting/Terminology option.  

For these projects, you define any 30 legal words that best fit your current professional work, or educational curiosity. You then watch up to 10 examples of ASL interpretations of legal terms, and 60 minutes of videos which you choose from our YouTube Channel collection about issues in legal interpreting. (The link for videos is given to you upon registration).  You then write a 2 page double-spaced reflection of what you learned and how it applies to your interpreting work to turn in for credit. If you need more than 0.3 CEUs for legal studies, you can register for several of these projects at the same time to earn 0.3 Professional Studies CEUs for each (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. - you simply choose different videos from our collection for each "Part").   Cost: $42/project.   CEUs: 0.3 RID CEUs in Professional Studies/Legal Studies per project.

NOVELS:  The novel in our legal collection are: 

For this project you purchase & read this book independently, answer the questions given to you upon registration, and send your work back for 0.7 CEUs in Professional Studies.  Cost: $82/project

  • Voices from the Edge: This book gives a historic account and explanation of the American with Disabilities Act. *This book is a Legal Specialization Study credit for those who need it in addition to being RID Professional Studies CEUs.