Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity (PINRA)

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  • $12.00

These are events that happen in the community, not affiliated with RID, but that you can attend to earn clock hours or RID CEUs overseen & administered by Ginevra Deianni as an approved RID Sponsor.  Contact Ginevra about your event to get instructions for RID Sponsorship approval of your chosen event.  

Cost is: $12 - $110, depending on the length of the event/CEU amount.  See drop down menu for pricing.

How do I apply for a PINRA Event?

1) First email Ginevra Deianni at to discuss your event and make sure it can be approved for RID CEUs.

2) You will then be given the RID from for approval by Ginevra Deianni with further instructions.  Registration for a PINRA will explain any last documentation you need prior to attendance.

3.) You will be approved to attend for RID CEUs by Ginevra Deianni and the approval email from her will explain how to send in attendance verification.

**Pre-approval is required prior to attendance of the event.  Per RID rules, you cannot receive RID CEUs after an event has happened without pre-approval.**