Professional Ethics Studies

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This collection is projects that earn 0.25 - 1.0 CEUs in the specialization category of Professional Ethics.  Some state certifications requires this specific study category.  The projects in this collection fulfill this requirement.  RID Professional Studies CEUs overseen & administered by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni

The current options are:

VIDEO LEARNING PROJECTS FOR INTERPRETERS:  The project for Ethics study in our Video Learning Series is the:  Professional Ethics option. 0.5 CEUs in Professional Studies.  Cost: $55/project

For these projects, you watch videos from our private YouTube Channel Library. (Link is given to you upon registration).  You take notes on what you watch, with final reflection essay explanation of what you learned and how it applies to your interpreting work.  All videos are free on-line and there is no specific time you must log in.  Work at your own pace. (Deaf interpreters can return their reflections in video format using ASL instead of the written English documentation if they prefer.  Please ask upon registration for this request.)   RID CEUs are overseen by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.

NOVELS/TEXTS FOR INTERPRETERS:  The novels in our ethics collection are: 

For these projects you purchase & read this book independently and answer the questions given to you upon registration and send your work back for 1.0 CEUs in Professional Studies + Professional Ethics.  Cost: $95/project

  • Healthcare Interpreting in Small Bites:  This is a collection of short articles about important topics in the medical interpreting profession, such as: professional ethics, words that have no translation, how & when to advocate for a patient, dealing with bi-lingual family members during appointments, general medical vocabulary words, and much more... (A must-read for medical interpreters!) *This is an ethics study specialization for those who need it, in addition to RID Professional Studies CEU credit.
  • Ethics for the Real World: Creating a Personal Code to Guide Decisions in Work & Life:  This book examines the core of our value system, challenges us to analyze why we believe what we do, write out a personal moral code, and apply it to our behavior as professionals.  *This is an ethics study specialization for those who need it, in addition to RID Professional Studies CEU credit.
  • The Elements of Ethics:  Learn the theory and practice of human ethics when applied to professional problem sets. Dissect the difference between morals and ethics and relate to interpreters' CPC.


The film in our ethics collection is: "(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies", available free on YouTube for.  

Participants watch the film and answer questions to show their level of engagement with the films ethical themes and consideration for its application to the interpreting profession. 0.25 CEUs in Professional Studies/Ethics Studies.  Cost: $32